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Sanity is taken for radicalism.

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I own my own business in the Pittsburgh area. Previously, I worked in Corporate Communications in the high tech and health care industries. I am an award-winning journalist with eight Associated Press Awards. I am a member of the national journalism honor society. I am also a paralegal. I am a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Although I hope their ideas have influenced me, the ideas I express here are mine. I believe that the Gospel makes clear that we are to put care for the poor above all other endeavors. I believe that this refers to us as individuals, and to the culture and the system of justice we create. I believe that it is in the care of the poor, that we work with Christ to create the Kingdom of God -- here-- now-- on earth. We are to be working to establish the peacable kingdom, so that when Christ returns as a Lamb to reunite the nations, much of the work of healing, peace-making, and caring has been undertaken in His name.